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In this page the main services provided by Modelistica are briefly described, and hyperlinks are provided to obtain expanded descriptions.

Transport Plans

Perhaps the most intense activity of Modelistica. Public transport, Mass Transit Systems, Bus Rapid Transit Systems, road design projects, freight movements, passengers, urban level, metropolitan level, regional and national levels. Most of these studies have been carried ou using the TRANUS modeling system.

Urban Plans

Use of land use and transport modeling to evaluate urban planning proposals, land use plans, land use, hosing estates and commercial centers, the real estate market.

Development of information systems and databases, especially Geographic Information Systems.

Surveys and Field Studies

Design and processing of household surveys, traffic counts, and other transport related field work.

Intersection analysis and proposals to improve urban traffic, using advanced traffic modeling techniques.

A variety of support, advice and consulting services related to the TRANUS Integrated Land Use and Transport Studies, developed by Modelistica.