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Professional Team

This page presents a short profile for each member of Modelistica's professional team.

Tomás de la Barra, PhD

President and founder of Modelistica, graduated as an architect-planner from the University of Chile in 1970, and obtained a PhD from the University of Cambridge, UK in 1980. Has 35 years of professional and academic experience in the fields of urban and regional planning, and transport planning. He is also a postgraduate professor of the Central University of Venezuela as a lecturer in Urban Structure, Transport Economics, Public Transport and Integrated Land Use and Transport Modeling. He is the main author of the TRANUS system, and the author of the book Integrated Land Use and Transport Modelling, Cambridge University Press (1989). He has published many papers in international technical journals and conferences, and has lectured in many countries of Latin America, USA, Europe and Asia. In these countries he has also directed many studies in his area of expertise. Contact: tomas@modelistica.com

Ulises Navarro, PhD

Main partner of Modelistica, he graduated as an Engineer from the University Institute of the Armed Forces, Venezuela, in 1982. Obtained an MSc on Urban Studies from the University of Nebraska, USA, in 1986, and simultaneously an MSc in Transport Engineering from the same university, where he obtained a PhD in Transport Engineering in 1990. He has an ample and varied professional experience of 21 years in the areas of Civil Engineering and Urban Transport and Traffic. He has directed and coordinated many studies in planning, institutional organization, financial structuring of transport projects, highway design and traffic operation in many countries of Latin America (Mexico, Colombia, Paraguay, Brasil, Bolivia, Peru, USA and Venezuela). He participated actively as consultant and project coordinator with Booz • Allen & Hamilton, Inc. He was Dean of the Faculty of Engineering of the Yacambu University in Venezuela. He is now established in Mexico City. Contact: ulises@modelistica.com

Adriana Sánchez

Administrator and partner of Modelistica, she graduated as an Accountant from the Santa Maria University of Venezuela in 1988. She has postgraduate courses in Finances, Fiscal Management and University Teaching. She has a wide experience in the Auditing and Financial Evaluation of Companies. She is in charge of the administration of the company and has also specilized in the coordination of surveys and other field work. Contact: adriana@modelistica.com


Fanny Sánchez

Partner of Modelistica, she has a Technical Degree and studied Architecture at the Central University of Venezuela, and studied Business Administration at the Open University of Venezuela. She is currently employed full-time in Modelistica as Technical Assistant in the areas of field work, socioeconomic and land use databases, development of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and integrated land use and transport modeling with the TRANUS system. Additionally, she has been in charge of the coordination of several projects. Contact: fanny@modelistica.com

Patricia López, MSc

Partner of Modelistica, she graduated as industrial engineer from the National University of Paraguay in 1998. She obtained a Masters Degree from the Virtual University of the Monterrey Tech in Mexico in 2006. Currently she is doing the Doctorate in Urban Sciences at the Central University of Venezuela. She began her carreer in quality management systems in a number of service and manufacturing companies in Paraguay, Mercosur and Mexico. She lectured about quality control and ISO 9000 in the National University of Paraguay and in the Yacambú University in Barquisimeto, Venezuela. She is in charge of quality management and control in Modelistica and participates in most projects as an advanced user of the TRANUS modeling system. Currently in charge of Modelistica Mexico. Contact: patricia@modelistica.com

Flor Marina Yánez

Partner of Modelistica, she graduated as a planner from the Simón Bolívar University of Venezuela. She has participated in many projects in the areas of urban planning and design, urban transport, design of administrative structures of public entities, training programs, and local development in several countries of Latin America (Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Venezuela) and Spain. She collaborates with the Institute of Urban Studies of the Simon Bolivar University and the Metropolitan University in Venezuela.  Contact: flor_marina@modelistica.com

Juancarlo Añez

Former Director and founder of Modelistica, graduated as a Systems Engineer from the Simon Bolivar University of Venezuela in 1994. He has a wide experience in software development in Venzuela and the USA. Since 1985 he has been in charge of the software development of the TRANUS system, with important contributions in theoretical and operative aspects. He os also a consultant to the firm DBAccess, and to the Ministry of Planning and Development in the development of the currency control system. He has lectured in the Catholic University Andres Bello of Venezuela, and has been editor of several technical journals of computer science. With Modelistica he has participated in several transport planning studies and in the development of information systems and surveys processing mechanisms. Contact: juanca@modelistica.com
Arturo Núñez, MSc
Partner of Modelistica México. Civil Engineer from Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas. Master in Transport Engineering from Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México. Postgraduate training in Public Transport Planning in  Sao Paulo, Brasil. 20 years of professional experience in Traffic Engineering and Transport in the development of Highway and Transport Integrated studies, Executive Projects and Exclusive Busways Projects (BRT) such as Metrobús (in operation in Mexico City), Optibús (in operation in León, Guanajuato), Mexibús I and III (in operation and construction in the State of Mexico), and ACAbus (under construction in Acapulco, Guerrero). Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (PIMUS) for the Metropolitan Area of Acapulco, Guerrero and Tampico, Madero and Altamira in the State of Tamaulipas. Currently works in Modelistica Mexico. Contact: arturo.nunez@modelistica.com